Applied Physics

What is Applied Physics?     It is an interface between science and technology.

Building a sustainable society requires resource and energy saving technology and environment-friendly technology. Novel technology and materials may be brought forth by performing scientific study based on physics for phenomena and materials in micro- and nano-meter scale. On the other hand, recent advanced technology such as nano-technology serves as the driving force to pioneer new fields of science. The applied physics brings the collaboration between science and technology into reality in an advanced way, and plays a role of an interface between science and technology, which makes the scientific progress, such as discovery of new principles, fabrication of novel materials and development of high performance computing, useful technologies for the sustainable society.

What do you study?      We aim to cultivate leading scientists and engineers with wide perspective, deep thinking, and global communication ability.

Our concept on research activities is that "studies fundamental to engineering and technology lead to creation of advanced sciences." Based on this concept, through research activities in the fields of condensed matter physics, materials science, and mathematical sciences, we aim to cultivate leading scientists and engineers that can discover new priciples, introduce them to technological applications, and create new interdisciplinary fields.

After finishing the course, you will be engineers in companies or researchers in universities.

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